Herbal Consultation

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Why have an herbal consultation?

Herbal medicine can offer the mind, body, and spirit support in many ways. The unique phyto-chemicals and energetics held within medicinal plants can help to manage ones health and wellness as preventive care, address instances of sudden ailments, and provide healing to underlying conditions of chronic illness. Herbs can help with many health issues including sleep, digestion, fatigue, skin, pain, stress, anxiety, grief, blockages, emotional experiences, infections, wounds, immunity, inflammation, reproductive health, and more.

What takes place during an herbal consultation?

During a consultation, we delve into your health history, arrive at specific health goals, and create a personalized herbal protocol. My consultations are more of a conscious conversation about you, your goals, and the plants that can support you as you work towards those goals. Diet and lifestyle are typically a part of the discussion. Consultations can be held in person if you are local (with safe social distancing practices) or over the phone, Facetime, or Zoom.

What is the consultation like?

My practice is trauma informed. It is important to me to create a container that is safe, nourishing, and free of judgement. I do my best to make sure you are heard, held, and supported. I do not diagnose or treat disease, I am not a doctor. As an Herbalist, I use plants to support and nourish your body systems to promote long-term health.

How do I schedule?

If you are interested in a consultation or curious for more information, reach out. My intention is to make herbal healthcare easy and accessible for people who have experienced institutionalized marginalization, racism, and financial oppression. I offer consultations on a sliding scale. You can learn more about the sliding scale model here.

Short Consultation:

⚘ 30 minutes
⚘ $45-$60 sliding scale
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional recommendations.

Full Consultation:

⚘ 60-80 minutes as needed
⚘ $75-$150 sliding scale
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional recommendations..

Full Consultation & Follow Up Bundle:

⚘ 60-80 minute initial consultation followed by a 30 minute follow up 2-3 weeks after your initial consult.
⚘ $100-$200 sliding scale
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional resources.
⚘ 10% off discount code to use on custom or formulated products.

⚘ 25-45 minutes
⚘ $25-$60 sliding scale
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional recommendations.

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