Herbal Consultation

Why work with plants?
Plants and Humans have co-evolved together since the beginning of time. In fact, not one of us would be here if we didn't have ancestors who intimately knew the plants and worked with them. Modern Western Medicine is only a few centuries old, and so throughout most of history and throughout most of the world, traditional healing practices, including herbal medicine kept people healthy and well. 

Medicinal herbs can offer the mind, body, and spirit support in many ways. The unique phyto-chemicals and energetics held within medicinal plants work on the body in a myriad of ways that, when utilized properly, can manage ones health and wellness as preventive care, address acute ailments, and provide healing to underlying conditions of chronic illness. 

Why work with with an herbalist ?
Working with a community or clinical herbalist is key in establishing appropriate and effective herbal protocols. I believe in integrated healthcare where traditional medicine and modern medicine can work together to promote healing and life-long wellness. I work with people who are on pharmaceutical medications and supplements, and want to integrate herbals into the picture in a safe and effective way. 

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner, doctor or nurse, and I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. As an Herbalist, I work with plants to support and nourish your body systems to promote long-term health.

What takes place during an herbal consultation?

During an herbal consultation we begin with your main concerns and goals, delve into your health history, I ask you many questions, and create a personalized herbal protocol. Consultations are a structured conversation about you, your goals, and the plants that can support you as we work towards those goals. Diet and lifestyle are typically a part of the discussion. Consultations can be held in person if you are local (with safe social distancing practices) or over the phone, Facetime, or Zoom.

What is the consultation like?

It is important to me to create a container that is safe, nourishing, and free of judgement. My practice is trauma informed. I do my best to make sure you are heard, held, and supported.

How do I schedule?

If you are interested in a consultation or curious for more information you can email me or write me though the Contact page. 

Cost & Accessibility:
Historically I have offered consultations by sliding scale, but I am going to try something new. My current costs are fixed. 

I strongly believe that herbal healthcare is a basic human right and that no one should be without it because of lack of funds. In addition, it is important to me to make herbal wellness 
accessible for those who have experienced institutionalized racism, marginalization, and financial oppression due to racism and misogyny. I offer two "pay-what-you-can" consultations per month to people who fall under the above categories and/or would truly struggle to afford my fixed rates. If you'd like to have a short or long "pay-what-you-can" consult, just send me an email. 

15 minute Intro Call: 
⚘ 15 minutes on the phone or zoom to get a sense if we would work well together.
⚘ Free of cost.
⚘ No recommendations provided. 

Short Consultation:

⚘ 30 minutes, only applicable for acute ailments.
⚘ $45 cost
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional recommendations.
⚘ Remedies are not included in the cost.

Full Consultation:

⚘ 60 minutes long.
⚘ $120 cost
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional recommendations.
⚘ Remedies are not included in the cost.

Full Consultation & Follow Up Bundle:

⚘ 60 minute initial consultation followed by a 30 minute follow up 2-3 weeks after your initial consult.
⚘ $150 cost
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional resources.
⚘ Remedies are not included in the cost.

⚘ 25-45 minutes as needed.
⚘ $38 cost
⚘ Only eligible for people who have already had a short or long consult.
⚘ Full write up of herbal protocol & additional recommendations.
⚘ Remedies are not included in the cost.

To schedule send me an email at thepeoplesgold@gmail.com